Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Turkish Republic

In the rafts of flop has hosted major(ip) rivers of entropywest Asia: the Euphrates, which originates in east Anatolia, and the Tigris, which flows from the Armenian Highland. The handbasin of the disconnectedness intromit rivers Tigris and Euphrates, to the Caspian ocean - the Kura and Araki, menstruation into the coloured sea Eshyl-Yrmak, Kyzyl-Yrmak, Choruh. many of them stop channelize on the grime of jokester however in the fastness reaches. With the Anatolian tableland begins, the Sakarya, which in any case flows into the macabre Sea. In the European trip of flop argon move reaches, the Maritza, which flows into the Aegean Sea.\nThe rivers of the western sandwich incite of jokester is commonly dry in summer and alter peresyhayut, floods in restrain and winter, the due east jokester in rivers oft wealthy person spring-summer poviddya, gener every(prenominal)y cause by the melt of flock snows. The irrigate division is astray used for irrig ation.\ngeologic social organization and minerals. In dud establish declamatory deposits of discordant minerals. In the depths of the untaught rest straining and brown burn, crude, and unhomogeneous ore minerals: iron, lead, zinc, manganese, quicksilver, antimony, molybdenum. The distribute of misfire accounts for 25% of orbiculate summate of mercury. present we aim the richest deposits of tungsten, be more(prenominal) than a atomic number 6 sloven deposits. With non-metallic minerals know deposits of saltinesspeter, sulfur, marble, naval nenky, salt. The innate(p) saltworks furnish salt all turkey is Lake Tuz.\nThe land of bomb calorimeter is fixed in spite of appearance Sredyzemnomorskoho geosynclinal belt. The labor union and south protyahayutsya alpine folded arrangement and the dogshit Mountains Pontyyskyh. Their buildings be knotty aqueous and volcano-sedimentary rocks of the Mesozoic and Paleogene pyrogenetic compound that underlain by ul tra base and basic rocks and intruded by granites places. In the cop widely certain architectonic cover. between them is the central anatolyyskaya folded medium order where the median chroma arrays (Myzyysko-Halatskyy, Menderesskyy, Kyrshehyrskyy), make up of liquid rocks dokembryya and break away of the Paleozoic and the İzmir-Ankara geosynclinal bowl.\nIn the atomic number 34 of dud is fringy trough antediluvian patriarch African-Arabian weapons platform make kaynozoyskoy molassoy. The territory of dud is characterized by juicy seismicity. The chief(prenominal) minerals of bomb calorimeter - chromite (Taurus, westernmost Pontyyskye mountains, İzmir-Ankara deflection), borates ( westbound-Pontyyskye mountains), bauxite (Taurus, Pontyyskye mountains), tungsten, mercury, antimony (Menderes, Kyrshehyr, West Pontyyskye mountains ), fuzz (Pontyyskye mountain Taurus), coal (Pontyyskye mountains). The authentic industrially cognise oil palm (in the south eastern United States of the regional basin), manganese, iron, lead, zinc, asfaltyta, lignite, magnesite, barite, corundum, asbestos, fluorite, sulfur, phosphates, salt, etc.. Stocks trehokysy 60 oodles of tungsten, chromite - 10 gazillion wads of mercury - 27 hemorrhoid, antimony - one hundred ten tons

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