Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Assassin Strikes Again

Once thither lived a man named whoreson. Every twenty-four hour period he woke up brisk and renewed. mother fucker started the day by having a nice big stretch, and hence he did 100 press-ups. He took a cold shower and brushed his teeth with Sensodyne jackstones dressed him self in casual garment and left for work. old salt has a usual profession. He is hired by rich and powerful pack to murder the innocent and honest. shit became an assassin when he was a teenager. During his childhood he had been kind, generous and helpful boy. integrity day he was walking home with his sponsors. Jacks friends suggested that they should go through the pathway because it was a crosscut home. Jack agreed and so did the others. They walked through the dark, wooden-headed and frightening path, then they saw a gang of bullies in the alley but they decided non to run. It was a bad decision.The biggest bully started reliable outside(a) on Jacks smallest friend Mark. Jack consumed with anger, picked up a urge on bar and whacked it down violently on the bullys head Ahhhh Jack yelled ferociously, the bullies terrified ran away as fast as they could Jack kept on hitting and hitting the bully until he could not move a muscle. His ball over friends knew he had killed him. They ran way in unalike directions. The police arrived. Jack ran as fast as he could, until he was out of breath, Even now hes still running and running away from the Police.News travelled fast and within months rich and powerful people were hookging Jack to kill their enemies. During a few years Jack was responsible for 15 deaths of innocent people. He was there get throughered one zillion pounds to murderer a man chated turkey cock Matthews by his former friend Reece Jones. turkey cock and Reece had been best friends. tom was a kind, generous and an intelligent man. Tom had a beautiful wife names Angela. They had just got married ternary months ago Tom had joined Reeces company shortly bef ore. Every day he dressed in a black suit and went off early in the morning to work. He was on time all(prenominal) day and ready to go. Tom had a poor family back make and was determined to make best of his chances.Reece had a wealthy back found and was always wasting money on gambling. He was always new for work, Reece was very jealous of Tom.One day Tom got promoted to Assistant Manager, Reece was so furious he said thats it I will have Tom murdered When he finished work, he rushed home to call an assassin and arranged a meeting outside an abandoned house. He gave Toms details and his picture to Jack.Reece paid 100, 000 in advance the rest to take place when the job was done.Jack researched Toms lifestyle carefully and worked out when Tom would be alone. It was when he went through the junk yard as a shortcut to his home. Jack excogitationned the murder methodically. He would use a disinvest with a silencer to shoot him.On May 17th 2004 the plan took action. First he would pretend he was being attacked by a malevolent gang He would run up to Tom and beg for his help and say I am being attacked by a vicious gang who are trying to murder me.Tom was whimsical on the way home from work, feeling tired and sleepy when he was driving through the junk yard, a man rushed in move of his car, Tom stepped as hard as he could on the brake Tom stormed out of his car and asked mysterious man are you Ok the strange man replied no I am not I am being chased by a vicious gang who want to murder me. The stranger wore a black lash coat and a woollen knitted scarf covering him from the blurry fog and cold. The man told Tom he was delivering a package and was shocked when he saw a gang of teenagers brutally murdering an innocent man. Tom went a few steps ahead to chew the fat whether he could lay the gang.Jack took out his rifle from his right coat pocket and pointed it at when Tom looked at Jack with astonishment and a fear of death, Jack shot Tom with no hesitat ion or any forgiveness the bullet tore through the muscles as it went for the heart of Tom. Tom could follow the blood was red As a red paint. Tom could see the blood on Jacks shoes as he sink on to the ground as he was falling he repeatedly asked why, why When he fell on to the ground there was silence. Jack made Toms murder seem like an accident he put Tom into the car and drove Tom off the cliff.The next day Jack received the full payment from Reece. As Jack was reading the news paper, he saw that Toms death made the front page. Seeing Toms wifes picture made him realise that Toms wife was the girl he loved when he was in school. After thinking for several hours he came up with the decision that he should drive home to the police.The next day he stood in front of the police station thinking should I surrender to the police or not.

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