Saturday, January 19, 2019

Final Teen Pregnancy College Essay Essay

There ar some short phrases that can impact a persons life from leave behind you marry me to I write out you all the way beat to Im pregnant save when youre a teenagerager hearing the last phrase is something that go forth change your life in a scary and shocking way. nigh one million teen girls experience this shock each grade when they come to find that their pregnancy test is irresponsible. In our society immediately teenage pregnancy isnt just a problem save an epidemic. Unfortunately I cast seen all stages of the situation unfold late when my best colleague who is almost like a sister to me set out she was having a baby.At the age of seventeen a rule teenage girl is deciding what dress to wear to prom or where they want to apply for their initiatory job. But for my best friend Anna the first big ratiocination she got to make was whether she should clutches her baby or non. This resource lead her into a deep depression as different sight in her life pressu red her to make different choices. While her close friends told her to keep the baby the father of her baby and his family wanted her to abort it. After a long month of fighting over what to do she chose the babys life over the love of her boyfriend who ended up go forth after finding out she was not going to get an abortion. lamentably enough she is not the only one who has see this, unfortunately more than half of girls who rifle pregnant in their teens accept to go down this path alone without the father of the baby in the picture.It is apparent that seemly pregnant changed Annas life and her future as a whole. This happens to both teen mom go they decide to keep the baby, get an abortion, or give their baby up for adoption their life is still changed forever. Theses girls went from a life where their parents made decisions for them to a life where they have to make agnatic decisions themselves. Overall teenage pregnancy is a social issue because it affects many aspect s of life like economic wellbeing, the m some others wellbeing, and the childs wellbeing. If teenage pregnancy were reduced all of these problems would be reduced as well. Each year the United States is spending around eleven one thousand thousand dollars as an affect of teen pregnancy. The US has to spend this much property because eighty percent of teen moms are on welfare. Economic wellbeing contributes to the reasons so many teen moms have to be supported by the government.At such a young age these teens can not meet the demand for education in the job world plot of ground still caring for their new born. The national campaign sites that almost xc percent of teens who did not get pregnant finish high trail where as only fifty percent of teen moms get a high take diploma. The children of these mothers end up being affected by their mothers struggles. From conception odds are against these children to succeed. At return a teen mothers baby is at risk of low parenthood rate and infant mortality. Once the child gets passed these odds they have to engage with the struggles of being less prepared when they enter kindergarten because their mothers are less experienced on how to prepare their child. In later life sons of teen mothers are two times more likely to end up in prison than sons born to mothers over the age of twenty-one, this may be because of the absence seizure of a father figure in their lives. Studies have also have in mind that daughters of teen mothers are three times more likely to have a baby in their teens.Teen pregnancies disturb our society forthwith by using our tax dollars and affecting the success of our future generation. not only is teenage pregnancy seen at school and in other public places it is also all over the television. Some say that the familiar television figures sixteen and Pregnant glamorizes teen pregnancy and I would have to agree. Why should girls get rewarded for becoming pregnant as a teen and even beco me famous because of it? The answer is that they shouldnt but in our world today sadly these girls hardships our becoming our generations entertainment. But it is not much of a loss to them as they are being paid a reported $60,000 per season according to OK magazine. Many teens who see the show sixteen and pregnant or see other pregnant teens think that it will never happen to them.The fact of the matter is that my best friend was one of those people. Teenage pregnancy is not an issue that is going outside(a) in our society. Preventing teenage pregnancy will not only function our countries teenagers to have a more successful life but it will also help the children that will be our countries future to have a better life. The United States ineluctably to stop putting this problem on the back burner and accepting it as normal and start to take action. In the world today the United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy order doubling that Canada and five times the rate of Ja pan. American teens that are sexually active are becoming more and more careless.Some declare that these teens become pregnant because of the lack of education or lack of positive parental influences in teens lives. I think some teens just become so consumed with how in love they feel that they are with their boyfriend or girlfriend that they forget the consequences of their actions. America as a whole needs to find better ways to control teen pregnancy weather it be through education of the consequences or education of birth control. Because the real fact of the matter is that pre marital sex leads to broken homes, high school dropouts, and tough financial situations. These teens our still children themselves and should not make a decision that leaves them with the responsibility of another childs life.

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